For Men Who Want To Know
A Woman's Body Better Than She Does...

If You Can Give A Girl These
8 Different Extreme Orgasms...
She'll SWEAR You're
The Best She's Ever Had!

Surprise! It's Easy! And You Don't Need
“Size” Or Even Stamina To Do It...

Dear Friend,

Wouldn't it be fun to look at a woman and know that you knew her body better than she does?

… You knew special places to touch and new ways to touch them that would make her SHUDDER...

… You could teach her new ways to climax... and give her sensations she had never felt before...

… You could give her pleasure more intense than any toy... and ANYTHING she'd ever felt with another man...

… You could make her climax so many times... over and over again... that she would her forget her own name...

And afterwards... all she would know... was that...

Sex For Her Would NEVER Be The Same!

Let me ask you another important question:

Are you happy with the amount of sex you are having right now?

Do you ever wish you could sleep with more women... or those sexy, “model-hot” women you see in magazines and on tv?

Would you like it if you had women CALLING YOU UP FOR SEX on a regular basis? To where on any given night you just decide which of the several girls who are texting you you are going to give the privilege of coming over?

If so, I have some good news for you:

This is VERY possible. And you don't have to be rich, good looking, or well hung to do it.

I Know, Because I Did It Myself.

My name is Bobby Bradshaw and what you are about to read you may not believe. I say this because if you had told me 5 years ago that I would someday have models, actresses, and cute “regular” girls calling ME up and asking to come over and have sex I would have told you you were freakin' CRAZY.

But these days, it happens all the time.

Nice girls, bad girls, career girls, even cougars :) You name it. I've got them all in my phone. One of my favorite games is to toss my cell to a buddy and have him randomly pick a girl's name out of it, then I message and see if I can get her to come over for sex that same night.

It usually only takes just one text. (I'll share this text with you in a minute)

But things weren't always this way for me. I didn't even lose my virginity until I was 24 years old... and up until recently I was lucky if I got laid ONCE A YEAR...

So how did I go from being a dry-dicked loser to getting almost any girl I want?

It's a short but WILD story... but first, in order for you to fully understand it... it's important that I share with you 3 “FREAKY” secrets I've discovered about women 99% of guys will never know – and because of that – they will never have the success with women they want...

Freaky Female Sex Secret # 1

Women NEED Sex Just As Much As Men!

I don't know about you, but I used to think women just weren't as into sex like we guys are...

I mean usually you have to take a girl out on a bunch of dates to get some action... and then you hear all these jokes about guys who are married and STILL not getting any! If women actually liked sex... why would this be??

It took me a long time – and being with some wild women – to figure out the truth. And that is that women LOVE sex... maybe even more than us men! I mean, think about how loud they scream when they are getting it good!

And check out a Cosmo mag next time you go down to the store. Almost every girl I know reads that magazine and practically the entire thing is about sex!

It's a fact: Women LOVE sex, and want it as badly as us men! But there is one big difference...

Freaky Female Sex Secret # 2

Women ONLY Want Good Sex!

Here's something else it took me a long time to figure out...

You see... while us guys are wired to want to get it on with any and every hot girl around... a woman only wants to have sex with a guy she knows is gonna be good in bed!


Simple: The best part of sex is orgasms... and while it's easy for us guys to get off with just about any girl... for women it's the opposite.

If a guy doesn't know EXACTLY how to get a girl off, she's not gonna have an orgasm.

So... being with a guy who can't give her an orgasm is just a big TEASE for her!

Imagine if you were with a girl who got you all excited... then took off! That's never fun, and that's why a girl only wants to sleep with a guy who knows how to make her climax.

Fortunately, this can be GREAT NEWS for you...


Well, since most guys DON'T know how to get a girl off, if you can master just a few tricks to giving a girl an orgasm every time, you have a huge advantage over other men.

She'll want to sleep with you whenever you want... and you can forget about her even doing so much as LOOK at another man.

I'll show you some of these tricks in a minute. But first, there are 2 more secrets I need to share with you, because I want you to know just how important being able to give a woman an orgasm REALLY is...

Freaky Female Sex Secret # 3

A Woman Can Tell If You're Gonna Be
Good In Bed BEFORE You Sleep With Her!

Did you know that women are approximately TEN TIMES as good at reading body language and picking up on non-verbal signs than us men?

Yes, you read that right. TEN TIMES.

And just as dogs and bees can smell fear, a woman can tell if you're gonna be good in bed within just minutes of meeting you.

Have you ever heard that saying, “A woman decides within 30 seconds of meeting a man whether or not she's going to sleep with him”?

THIS is what that saying is all about.

So if you're having trouble meeting women or getting dates, it's probably not because you're a bad guy... but because a woman can sense that you aren't 100% sure you have the skills to get her off...

This can be an instant dealbreaker for a woman. Why would settle for a guy who can't please her? She'd rather find someone who can...

Luckily For Us, MOST Men
Are Bad At Pleasing Women

I don't know about you but I used to be TERRIBLE at pleasing girls. But I'm not ashamed to admit it because guess what – MOST GUYS ARE.

But hey, that's GOOD NEWS for those of us who know what we're doing.

Because women can pick up on this, it makes it 10 times easier for us to attract them :)

So WHY do most guys suck at is?

It comes down to 3 things...

1. Stamina

Hey, I know how it is. When you're with a super hottie it can be hard to last 5 minutes... let alone long enough to give a girl an orgasm! If you don't have stamina you either gotta fix it or figure out how to make sure she cums quickly too! Otherwise you're in serious trouble...

2. Size

This has always HAUNTED me. I remember being in the locker room in high school and scared to change in front of the other guys (luckily I had an excuse to get out of it, which I'll explain in a minute.)

Whatever... I'm not here to bullshit ya or beat around the bush – I've now been with enough women now to know that SIZE MATTERS.

Now, girls DON'T necessarily want a guy who is huge – actually that usually hurts her, and that's no fun for her. But women DO care about size. Especially thickness.

So if you're on the smaller, thinner side like me, then it's important you pay attention to the 3rd reason most guys are terrible in bed...

3. Not Knowing The Right Techniques

Fortunately, here's something else I've been with enough women now to know – that “motion in the ocean” thing is freakin' true brother!

I used to hear girls say this and wonder what it meant... hoping it was true and I would someday figure it out.

Well these days I'm excited to say it's gotten FAR BEYOND THAT... and if you were to ask ANY of the girls I've been with who rocked her world the most... she'll tell you it was me.

Hey, I'm not saying this to brag or boast and I apologize if I'm coming off arrogant here. I just want you to know it IS possible to be the BEST a girl has ever had if you're on the smaller side... and even if you have no stamina! And I want to show you how...

How To Turn Your Sex Life Around And
Start Getting & Pleasing More Girls...

So now let's talk about how to become GREAT in bed... and how to start having a lot MORE sex in your life! Whether it's with one girl you really like... or attracting more women (and hotter women!)

First let me tell you how I did it – the hard way – then I'll show you how you can do it the easy way... (now that I've figured this out I can help you do it FAST...)

When I first starting having sex, my confidence with girls was already in the gutter.

I didn't lose my virginity until I was 24, and heck I didn't even KISS a girl until I was 19.

Things were a little rough for me in high school. I was the skinniest kid in the whole school, but unlike the other slim jims I didn't get picked on. But unfortunately, it was because the other kids felt sorry for me.

I had Crohn's disease – which is an intestinal disorder that makes it very difficult to eat... and makes you have to go to the bathroom 20-30 times a day (yes, you read that right.)

It also makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE to keep on weight, let alone any muscle. Here's a pick of me when I was 19 years old, I seriously weighed about 90 lbs....

Bobby With Crons
No photoshop there man, that was really me. And
that was AFTER high school, at age 19.

How This Picture Changed My Life!

I remember the first time I saw that picture, and how sad I was.

I knew it wasn't my fault that I was so skinny.. but there had to be something I could do.

I BEGGED my Dad to get me a home gym for Christmas that year. I figured that if I could somehow just look normal, I could start living a normal life... and most importantly not die a virgin! haha

I started experimenting with different diets and supplement combinations, determined to put on weight.

And slowly but surely, I figured a few things out.

5 years later, at the age of 24, I was not only a normal weight for my height... I had become a personal trainer at a gym.

Things were looking good. Or so I thought...

Somewhere around that time I finally found a girlfriend… and soon we were having sex regularly.

Terrible sex.

My stamina was all over the map – sometimes I'd 2-pump chump her, and sometimes I could go for a bit... it was always a surprise!

But even when I did last I had no idea what I was doing. She had been with a couple of other guys before me, so this was really embarrassing. I would always assume she was comparing me to them, which messed me up even more.

I remember a couple times I just stopped because she looked bored.

I figured it was because I was too small to get her off... so I decided I would get really good at oral sex. She was going out of town for a week so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity.

I went out and bought some sex tip books and started reading... this was a whole 'nother world!

But unfortunately I never got to use them. When she got back in town she informed me that she was getting back with her ex, and that we were over.

I was devastated. I knew it was because of the bad sex... because we had so much fun at all other times!

But I also knew that if I could beat Crohn's Disease, I could beat ANYTHING. So my next focus became becoming GREAT in bed.

And I wasn't going to stop until I was.

The Discovery That Turned Me
From Dud To Stud!

Now before I tell you the secrets that changed my life, it's important you know that I'm a pretty average dude. I don't know anything special about female anatomy... heck up until a few years ago I couldn't even find the clitoris, let alone the G-spot!

But a few things happened to me since then that helped me discover more about how to make a girl climax that just about anyone on Earth.

It started on Amazon.com. I gave myself a goal of reading one new sex book a week.

I stuck to it, and when I read them I took notes! (Yeah I'm a nerd :) ). I wrote down the best concepts and tricks from each book and ignored anything that sounded basic or boring. I only wanted the best!

After a couple months of this I had a journal filled with HUNDREDS of sex tips and techniques. I joined a few internet sex discussion forums to get female opinions and learned even more.

Around this time I had also started dating another girl. Her name was Kourtney... and this one was a little wild

Let's just say I met her at a gentlemen's club ;)

Luckily she liked to try new things in bed... and was just as into sex as I was. And her favorite thing was helping me figure out new ways to get her off...

First I figured out the basic stuff, such as...

• How to give her orgasms from oral, every time

• How to give her orgasms from penetration – the angles to hit, the speed and rhythm, and the best order of positions to go in

• What to do doing foreplay to make her orgasms during sex ULTRA INTENSE

• How to give her MULTIPLE orgasms... first 2 or 3... then 4, 5, and 6!

I have to say, our sex life was AWESOME! We were all over each other morning, noon, and night.

And Before Long...
I Started Figuring Out
Some REALLY Wild Stuff...

Stuff like...

• How to make a girl cum with just one finger

• How to make a girl cum without touching her below the waist AT ALL

• How to give a girl over 10 orgasms in one night

• 8 totally DIFFERENT ways to make a girl cum

• How to give a girl 2 DIFFERENT types of orgasms at the same time

• How to make a girl have an orgasm that lasts NEARLY AN HOUR

• How to give a girl an orgasm the instant you penetrate her

• How to give a girl an ejaculatory “squirting” orgasm

• How to give a girl an orgasm who has NEVER had one before (this can be the toughest!)

• How to “stack” a girls orgasms so each one she has becomes stronger and more intense than the next... until her body just can't cum anymore!

And much, much more...

And now, I want to teach YOU how to do all of these tricks with any and every girl that you meet...

Simple Sex Secrets That
Make Every Girl Scream...

Sadly after a couples year things between Kourtney and I came to an end. While the sex was INCREDIBLE, any time we weren't having sex we were fighting... and finally we had to part ways.

So I entered the single world a new man.

And what happened next I couldn't believe...

First of all, a girl Kourtney worked with messaged me on Facebook just a week later wanting to hang out.

She had told a couple of girls at the club the wild orgasms I was giving her... word had spread... and this girl wanted to find out more...

Hmm :)

I took her up on the offer... and before you know it she was withering in my bed and soaking up my sheets!

As I met more girls and went on more dates, I noticed some other bizarre things happening...

Girls seemed to be more attracted to me than ever.

Girls who seemed like “nice girls” - the kind that would make a guy wait for sex... wanted to sleep with me the first night we hung out!

Girls I'd see in the street and out at bars would smile at me and even initiate conversations! It was like they could TELL that I knew how to make them cum. And after I'd sleep with a girl, she'd want to have sex with me all the time.

Girls Starting Hitting Me Up For Sex!

Girls would text me when they were out drunk at bars wanting to meet up afterwards... and get this... one girl even texted me WHILE she was on a first date with another dude!

She came over to MY PLACE afterwards and we got it on!

THAT was a freakshow!

Before long I had a “rotation” of girls that I could call up for sex whenever I wanted.

Orgasm Text MessageI'd Send ONE Text And
They'd Be Ready To Go!

Remember that text game I told you about? Where I would toss a buddy my phone and he would pick a girl's name, then I would text her and see if I could get her to come over?

I promised I'd tell you what that text was that I would send. Well, it's simple:

“ Orgasm contest? ;) “

It was an inside joke... because whenever I'd hang out with a girl I'd see how many orgasms I could give her in one night. Then I'd tell her she had to try to give me more! Haha. The girls usually had more orgasms than I did but it was still a lot of fun :)

I Decided To Share My Secrets With A Few Friends...

Around this time a few of my buddies starting bugging me about all the girls I had going on... they were accusing me of paying 'em! (“On my trainer's salary? Come on!”) … so I decided to spill the beans... more as an experiment than anything else.

I simply told them how when you give a girl EXTREME ORGASMS... she wants them all the time! And that when you know how to do this you project a kind of “sexual magnetism” that women can't help but notice and respond to!

And sure enough... once I introduced my friends to these techniques and they started using them themselves... building up their confidence in the bedroom... they began to notice the same.

I'm telling you... it works like magic!

You see, just as a girl can tell if a guy is BAD in bed before she sleeps with you... if you are a GREAT lover, she will sense that too.

And oh boy, will she respond!

At first I didn't understand why. But now after having gone from having ZERO girls in my life... to having girls pursue me for sex... I'm convinced...

Josh girls
Meet Kourtney, looks innocent right? Well so do all girls, but
when you know this stuff none of them are!

This “Sexual Magnetism”
Is The Key To Attracting Women!

You see... when a woman meets a guy who has this “sexual magnetism”... a PRIMAL URGE takes over her body and mind. All logic and rational thinking goes out the window, and her body tells her she has to have you right now!

It doesn't matter how tall or short you are, how much money you make, and it has nothing to do with your “size”.

In fact, once this urge takes over, it doesn't matter if all of her friends are telling her to stay away from you – she has to have you anyways!

Scientists call it “phermones”. Call it “mojo”, call it “confidence”, “charisma”... whatever you want to. Just know that it is REAL. And women sense it!

It's the reason why:

− When you are getting sex regularly... other women seem to want you

− Women want you more when you have a girlfriend! And the reason why
-- women go after married men!

− Why guys who are great in bed don't have to work as hard to meet women

− Why 10% of the men get to sleep with 90% of the really hot women!

− Why “players” keep getting girls even when they have reputations for being
-- jerks

Why a girl will make one guys wait days and even WEEKS for sex... then
-- sleep with another guy the very first night she meets him!

How To Get This New
Sexual Power Over Women

The way to get this “sexual magnetism” that draws women to you is simple:

Become GREAT at giving women the type of EXTREME, body-shaking orgasms they crave!

When you are great at getting girls off and you KNOW IT, women sense it and want to sleep with you... and your life is ALWAYS full of women.

When you have this skill, you discover:

− Girls no longer make you wait to have sex... they want it with you as bad as you want it with them!

− After you sleep with a girl just once... she wants to have sex with you all the time... no more “begging” and no more having to take her on expensive dates just to get laid. Now she is asking you!

− A girl instantly forgets about any other guys she is talking to, or that try to hit on her, because she is totally devoted to you

− Girls who are in relationships with other guys start flirting with you on the side!

And that's just what happens OUTSIDE of the bedroom! When you are giving a girl these Extreme Orgasms... you notice...

− Women are eager to try new things in bed, and want YOU to be their sexual teacher!

− If you are in a steady relationship with a girl, you have a deeper connection with each other that brings you closer together and leaves you more fulfilled

− Girls will do ANYTHING to please you... and get wilder with you than they ever have with any other guy before!

− Women start to tell you their wild fantasies and want you to act them out!

− The sex is more passionate, more pleasurable, and your orgasms are more intense because you are so much more into it!

I'm telling you from experience... it's a DIFFERENT WORLD.

And if you're serious about having the type of sex life that only celebrities and multi-millionaire playboys usually get to experience... then I want to show you how...

Why I Decided To Reveal My Secrets
For The First Time...

Me hosting one of the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVD Shoots
Here I am hosting one of the 2 Girls Teach Sex Shoots

As you may know, I've been friends with Shawna Lenee for a few years now, and have given her a hand with some of her products on how to have great sex.

She's been bugging me since day 1 to share my secrets to giving women these EXTREME types of orgasms... and I'll confess... I've been selfish.

I worried that if too many guys knew this stuff, I'd lose the advantage I have with girls now.

But then a couple months ago, I came across that picture I shared with you... the one of the skinny, sacred kid I used to be.

And I remembered how tough it was for me to figure all of this stuff out... and how many girls I lost because I DIDN'T know it. And... how awesome it would have been if I had had someone to show ME... so I didn't have to spend years figuring it out on my own.

It would have saved me a lot of time, heartache, and hard work.

At that moment, I decided I wasn't going to be selfish any more... and now... I can't tell you how excited I am to share these secrets with you!

“Extreme Female Orgasms”

Shawna and I got together some of the HOTTEST 2 Girls Teach Sex coaches... went into the studio... and 2 weeks later, came out with a program that is going to change the way you think about sex and the female body... FOREVER...

I decided to call it, “Extreme Female Orgasms”... because that's exactly what you're going to discover inside.

The focus of this product is one thing, and one thing only:

How To Give Your Girl So Many INTENSELY Wild Orgasms – Using So Many DIFFERENT Methods... And Giving Her So Many DIFFERENT Sensations – That She Forgets Her Own Name!

To make sure you learn the orgasm techniques perfectly the very first time you go through the program, all techniques are explicitly demonstrated by HOT bi-sexual women. You'll see the exact places to touch, the specific angles, and just the right rhythms... NOTHING is left to the imagination here!

Just sit back and watch the girls give each other orgasm after juicy orgasm... then go try the techniques for yourself. You'll be using them the same night you see them to make your girl scream!

Extreme Female Orgasms comes on 5 explicit Programs:

dvd Extreme Female Orgasms

Program # 1 – Extreme Orgasm Secrets

In this Program I'm gonna reveal my wildest secrets for giving your girl the most INTENSE orgasms of her life! Give her a different kind of orgasm each night... or several different kinds in one session to memorize her mind and body in a way she never even DREAMED was possible!

You'll discover:

  • The Full-Body Orgasm – this exciting orgasm completely overtakes a woman's body... sending electric pulses of pleasure from her core to her toes and fingertips and back again. She'll become putty in your hands as she BEGS you to give her these orgasms again and again as only you can

  • How to get a girl to see you as her “orgasm trainer” who knows more about her body than she does!

  • My special “Toy Killer” technique – A new way to touch a girl that feels BETTER than any toy she's ever tried! (She'll want to use YOU as her sex toy from now on after you do this!)

  • The Deep Zone Orgasm – this orgasm – easily induced by stroking a special section deep inside of her that most guys mistakenly ignore – gives an orgasmic sensation similar to a G-Spot orgasm, but much more intense. Fortunately this spot is much easier to find and stimulate when you know this

  • How to give your girl up to 20 orgasms in a single session! (I know it sounds far fetched, but once you know this secret, even if you do it slightly wrong your girl will have at least 5 orgasms!)

  • A special sex position that almost FORCES your girl to come! (This position makes it so you hit her exact orgasm spot every time... she'll be cumming and screaming your name in no time no matter what your size!)

  • The 3 things you MUST do before you give her an orgasm if you want to be 100% sure she climaxes the first time you are together

  • The simple sentence to say to a girl when she's on the verge of cumming that takes her over the top and makes her EXPLODE with ecstasy! (For us girls climaxing is 50% mental... this powerful sentence aligns her mind with the HOT way you are touching her body to make her squirm with pleasure!)

  • How to get your girl to tell you and even SHOW you the exact way to touch her best

  • What to say to a girl AFTER you give her an orgasm to get her sexually addicted to you and only you (This makes her instantly FORGET about any other guys who are going after her and see YOU as her best possible choice)

  • A 100% accurate way to tell if a girl is FAKING IT (Here's how to tell for sure if she came, how many times, and how powerful her orgasms were without having to ask her)

  • What to do if she can't come during sex (This common problem can ruin your relationship so pay close attention! I'll show you exactly how to get her climaxing all over your manhood again and again and again... even if she's never had a penetration orgasm before, and no matter what your size down there)


DVD Penetration ORgasm Pleasure

Programs # 2 & 3 – Penetration Orgasm Pleasure

A girl LOVES to climax with you inside of her... and in these Programs I show you how to give a girl powerful penetration orgasms regardless of your size... and even if you can't last very long! You'll discover the exact positions, angles, and rhythms that will have your girl cumming over and over again on your soldier while she claws your back and screams your name in ecstasy!

You'll also learn:

  • How to give your girl DIFFERENT types of orgasms using different positions and rhythms! (Most guys don't even know that this is possible with penetration sex but the truth is IT'S EASY! You'll use this trick the same night you learn it to make your girl bite her pillow harder than ever before!)

  • The Simultaneous Orgasm – Victoria's special secret to making your girl climax at the same time you do (This makes a girl feel more closer and connected to you than she has with any other guy ever!)

  • The secret of “Escalating Orgasms” - How to stack her orgasms one on top of another, sending continuous waves of pleasure from her fingertips to her toes!

  • How to give your girl up to 10 orgasms in a single session! (I know it sounds far fetched, but once you know this secret, even if you do it slightly wrong your girl will have at least 5 orgasms!)

  • A special sex position that almost FORCES your girl to come! (This position makes it so you hit her exact orgasm spot every time... she'll be cumming and screaming your name in no time no matter what your size!)

  • How to know whether you should be passionate or dominate with your girl (Every girl wants both of these things but not necessarily on the same night or in the same way. Use this psychological secret to seduce your girl's mind and her body will follow!)

  • The #1 orgasm killer is PRESSURE. Here are 4 ways to take the pressure off of your girl so she is totally relaxed and ready to scream!

  • A common sex position that is TERRIBLE for making your girl climax! (I wish guys would stop trying this with me because it actually decreases the chances of me climaxing in other positions!)

  • How to know when to change positions and how long to stay in each one

  • A special order of sex positions to use that all but guarantees your girl will have MULTIPLE orgasms!

  • A startling secret – first used by African Tribesman when they want to guarantee a woman gets pregnant – that “stuns” your girl's body into cumming! (The scientific “point” of a woman's orgasm is to bring your sperm up into her body, which is why Tribesman use this trick. If your girl has yet to experience a penetration orgasm THIS is the trick to use to push her over the top!)

  • The “magic sentence” to say to a girl during sex that gets her ADDICTED to your penis! (This subconsciously links her orgasmic feelings to your manhood so she sees your cock as her sole source for sexual satisfaction!)

  • A surefire and FAST way to give a girl a penetration orgasm that works especially well for guys with stamina problems

  • Secrets of the Missionary Position – Use these 3 tricks to turn good old missionary from boring to BOILING HOT! (Don't be surprised if it becomes your girl's favorite when you add in these 3 sneaky secrets)

  • The Romance Novel Rumble – A sex technique stolen from a cheesy romance novel that all girls wish guys knew!

  • Doggystyle Deluxe – 2 ways to spice up doggystyle that will have your girl cumming so hard she'll forget her own name! (If there is one surefire way to get your girl ADDICTED to sex with you... this is it!)

  • The “Dominating Orgasm” – A wild way to make your girl climax that will have her begging you to be her master and ready to service your every need!

  • Smaller Guy Secrets – The 3 things smaller dudes MUST do when getting it on if they want to keep up with the big boys! (I'll take a smaller guy who knows these tricks over a well-hung guy any day and your girl will too! If you've ever heard the phrase “it's all about the motion in the ocean” but weren't sure what that motion was... now you'll know AND know exactly how to ROCK your girl's body no matter what your size!)

There are so many tricks and tips in Penetration Orgasm Pleasure I had to devote 2 entire Programs to it!



dvd Extreme Female Orgasms

Program # 4 – She Orgasms Every Time – Guaranteed!

In this exciting Program I'll show you how to be absolutely certain you give a girl an orgasm the very first time you hook up with her... and every time after that!

When you hook up with a girl for the very first time... the pressure is on. Here's how to be sure she not only cums... but comes back begging for more...

You'll discover:

  • A secret technique bi-sexual girls use when hooking up with another girl for the first time that is 100% GUARANTEED to make a girl come

  • Secrets of Sexual Confidence – What to do BEFORE sex to give yourself a rock-solid studly feeling of confidence that gets girls riled up just by being around you!

  • A special manual stimulation technique that first gets your girl horny... then gets her super wet... then gets her breathing heavy... all building up to an ORGASM EXPLOSION all over your hand! (This step-by-step sequence is so powerful you should only use it with a girl you REALLY like... as it just might make her addicted to your fingers ;) )

  • How to give a girl her FIRST penetration orgasm! (The first guy to make a girl climax through good ole' penetration sex will always have her heart! Here's my secret step-by-step method to give your girl the type of wall-climbing, pillow biting orgasms that make her want to have sex with you all the time!)



dvd Extreme Female Orgasms

Program # 5 – The Hour-long Orgasm

The Hour-long Orgasm is so important... and so powerful... that I've devoted an entire Program to show you how to give one to your girl!

You'll discover:

  • The Time Distortion Orgasm – this orgasm was named such because the sensation is so intense it can make a woman's mind lose track of time... locking her in an euphoric state of pleasure which to her feels like minutes or even hours. Best of all... you'll watch on in fascination as later while you are lying in bed or even sleeping she experiences pleasant tremors of orgasmic aftershocks that remind her just how much you rocked her world

  • The difference between the hour-long orgasm and multiple orgasms, and how to tell what your girl what prefer more

  • The 3 things her body does during the hour-long orgasm that allow you to know EXACTLY how much pleasure she is experiencing and whether or not she can handle more without passing out (These orgasms are so powerful they can literally knock your girl out so pay close attention to this so you don't overdo it!)

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