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Hi Bobby,
I just wanted to tell you about our experience with the training. My wife and I have always had great sex, we have been married ten years. I have always been able to make her orgasm and I have always without issue, but I am one to always want to improve my skills. A few of the techniques we already use, but when I was learning about the Deep Spot Orgasm I just had to try it. So it was the weekend and my wife and I went to bed and I started teasing her and getting her excited. I went down on her and after about ten minutes I inserted a finger and started to find the Deep Spot. Once I found it I started with a light pressure and she responded but it was not very intense, so I increased the pressure and she went crazy. I was actually surprised at how much pressure it took, I was afraid of hurting her, but that worry went away in a hurry as she came both from the oral and from the Deep Spot massage. We were both shocked at how hard she came, as a matter of fact she had to turn on her side and just rest for a few minutes, it was that intense. After that orgasm she had at least five more internal orgasms before we were through for the night.
This one simple technique made the purchase of the videos worth every cent. I love all of the trainings and this one has really hit a home run, with one simple technique.



I must say I was skeptical about buying the programs at first but I must say that your DVDs have entirely changed how I have looked at my sex life... Before, I was not able to last more than 5-10 minutes before exploding and so I had a difficult time approaching any woman I wanted to get in bed.. I was insecure and couldn't get a woman to feel satisfied which made me shy away from sex altogether... Not a great way to live... to say the least!!!!

After the stamina and squirting and extreme orgasm DVDs,  I tried out things I have only fantasized about. I took a beautiful woman out and had her squirting and then having multiple stacked orgasms for about 70 minutes with me in control for the first time in my life!!! When she left, she asked me if we could go at it the next day!!! Wow!!!... We did and I could keep it up and get her to have multiples and squirt for 2 hours!!! She was a wild woman by then and we are planning an all night f-fest next weekend.. Couldn't have done it without the DVDs help... I am eternally grateful!!!  It has given me a new feeling of self again.. and to enjoy sex again....PRICELESS!!!



Hi Bobby,
Good to hear from you mate................... That webinar session was out of this world, I am sorry I missed the first but glad I caught the second!!!!
When you do all the editing can you send it so I can save it please????
Those girls where just what I needed to see and hear,please tell them thank you very much : ) Even though some of the guy's who logged in should have been shot at birth ( Did i say that out load? )
Hey as to your contest I do have something for you, but bobby please dont tell all the girls it is very embarrising for me....
I while ago I recieved an email from this girl that I had never heard from before, I searched the web then found her...... Shawna : ) Very sexy and cute
Her 2gts is magic  I bought her DVD'S and they helped me heaps, then came her latest.. so after watching and learning bloody heaps..... I gave it a try.
Now The problem I have is that I am not that very well endowed :( At all............So I make up for it in other ways.. My girl loves that I go down on her for over and hour and she cums like crazy.
She calls me her Little Cunninglinguist...... The neck gets a bit sore though: ) but as long as my baby is getting off through my tongue I am very happy.....
The other night I let her cool down...... I was thinking of different ways to give my baby a new orgasm.... So I  gave her the triple play, she was over the moon.
Then I thought ok lets try a squirting....... Now from your vids the girls new what was going to happen , so I gave it a try.
This was a first for me and a little hard at first, but once you found that spot her hips bucked like crazy...... and lulu shot a full load of her juice in my face : )
I could not believe it and Lulu screamed the house down.... She asked me how I did that, do it again!!! so I did.... with plenty more screaming and pussy juice eveywhere..
Thank you very much 2gts my sex life has increased tenfold..... Ye Ha


Hi Bobby,

The disks finally did arrive. Was able to only get through one--the hour long orgasm. Wasn't even close, but the techniques produced continuous intense orgasms for about 10 to 15 minutes. This was another first for me and her. I can't tell which is better, squirt or continuous, but both are beyond awesome.

I don't know why they don't make sex skills that you teach mandatory. I know this would have saved my marriage before it ended (in retrospect, sexually frustrated women are onerous and cranky).

Thanks for an education well worth the money. I would recommend your DVD's to anyone.


M in Toronto, Canada.


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